Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Way Cool Fings from ThinkGeek

I gotted ma pwizes from for scifiPAWTY. YAY!!! Dem geek monkeys iz beary sweet to us anipals (& our humanz). We raisin moneys fur animals but da humanz get da prizes!?!?

First fing dey did sends us wuz Bucky Balls. No dey not frum a nootered kitteh named Bucky. Dey is magnet sculpture balls. Ma human would not lets me try dem out in case i would nom dem. Magnets are fur fun not fur nom.

Den we gotted a t set of really neato LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti. Dey lites up purrty colors & can point out where da cool cats iz!

Last but not least it dis pawsum Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer fing wot makes muzik. Wot fun!

Iffen u wanna wins one of dem cool pwizes frum out furends at come to scifiPAWTY on 3/13.

Fanks u Timmeh & everybuddy @


  1. Cool!

    Mom got herself a purse from's made completely out of duct tape. :)

  2. Those are very cool prizes. I going to try hard to win!

  3. I need to donate something, any ideas? If so, DM me on Twitter.