Saturday, March 27, 2010

Relaxin Wif Sum Nommy Grasses

Wow it haz been a wild ride da last two weekends in a row. First we hads #scifiPAWTY wot almost did ma human2 in. Second we hads #pawpawty last weekend. We plans on takin it eazy dis weekend. So last night human2 comed home frum werk wif sum nommy cat grass wot herz growed in sekret at herz werk place.

I thought herz had black thumbs. Nuffin herz plants ever grows. But home herz comes claimin dat hers planted, watered and halp dis grass grow just fur us kittehs.

I absolutely lub nommin on grasses doz no matter wevver it iz insides or outsides. Altho I doz lub goin outsides da bestest of outsides grasses really are da best to nom. Next up on da listy iz inside home grown (or office growed) grasses. Following up in da rear iz store buyed alreddy growed grasses. But in da middle of winters we will even puts up wif dem just so we gets sum grasses to noms.

I even used ma grasses as a toy last nights! O wot funs I had wif ma noo grasses.

Affer gettin a lil bit crazy wif da grass I hads a hard time decidin play wif grasses or play wif ma spinny toy. Wot iz a cat to do?

Az u can see I iz a lil bit of a lazy kitteh & da toy winned cause I could brings it to me when i could no reach it....wif da grass I hads to get up too many times to play wif it! MOL

Affer I wuz dun playing wif da grasses ma one eye wuz all squinty & weepy.. Human2 wuz askeered I mights be allergic to grass! Dat would no be gud! Ma eye did stop watering but I wuz still all squinty eyed till later into da night. Mehbe sumfin gots in ma eye whilst i did play?

We not nose wot wuz goin on wif ma eye last night but I did wake up dis morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. Both eyes open wides like they supposed to be.


  1. Hmm, maybe you're only allergic to grass your mom grows. (Kidding, Boris' mom)

  2. Jocelyn Shaw1:04 PM

    :) How many cats do you live with, Boris?

  3. I haz 3 sisfur kittehs Bela in da pikshur, Abby wot wuz sleepin up stairs and Picasso wot iz in da video.

    I da man of da house!

  4. we did watch your videos, and small person did laugh so hard, she almost fell off the arm of her grandma's recliner

  5. I will have to tell mom to grow some grasses for my kitty sibs. They don't ever get to go outside so it would be good for them!

  6. You have to play with BOTH the grasses and the spinny toy! The more toys, the better!!!

    I guess you probably expected that type of answer from me, though... *snickers*

    Hope your eye stays all better, buddy!

  7. I is so glad your eyeball is all better.

  8. You might have poked a grass in your eye. WE are glad it is OK today!

  9. I'm glad you are getting some relaxing time Boris. I totally enjoyed the #ScifiPawty!!!