Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Prizes for sicfiPAWTY Gots Here

We iz gettin all eggsited about da scifiPAWTY comin up dis weekend! Ma furends over at OurPets did sends me sum pwizes fur puppehs and kittehs. Lets see wot we gots...

I finks der iz aliens in dis here box. OMC des pwizes did travel far to gets here!

I wuz rite! dems iz ALIEN RABBITS FRUM OUTER SPACE. Dis iz a new line of dog toys called Wild Hares and dey iz really pawsum.

Der iz squeakers in der heds and crinkles in der bellies. And fun floppy ears to nom! I finks u doggies gonna likes dem aliens.

But wot we get fur da kitties?

We gotted one of each of the new play-n-squeak backyard toys! Der iz a bird, a bunny, a squirrel, a skunk, a fox and a raccoon! Der iz catnips inside and dey do squeaks.

I likes da smell of dat birdie...

But I finks I will claim des three fur me (iffen u looks close u can see da cardboards from da bunny, squirrel and skunk stickin out frum under ma big belly). Well da winner will get extra special Boris smells on der new toys!

Fanks u so beary much OurPets for donating des pawsum prizes to our lil fund raising pawty!


  1. You are getting some neat prizes~

  2. I am so excited I can't stand it!

  3. They look great Boris!

  4. Wow, Boris, those do be some kewl alien toys. Is you shore you want Busy Buttons at the pawty? She might try to make off with all the pwizes.

  5. SO MANY PRIZES!!! Oh, my goodness...I can just imagine those squeaky, crinkly bunnies...I gotta win one of those!

  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    We like those backyard buddies...our Mom should Twitter!