Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well it iz da first day of a brand noo yeer n i wuz told I should make ma self sum promises wot i will most likely never keeps. I guess dat okai cause it just me rite? I not makin any promises to utter people wot i could no keeps, just ma self...or iz dat still a bad fing?

Since I not too sure iffen dis whole life iz a gud idear or not I will only makes a couple of dem resolutions, kia.

  1. I promise to takes more naps (and mehbe even takes sum of dem wif da humanz).
  2. I promise not to pounce ma old sisfur cats too much dis year.
  3. I promise to only play wif da lego peeples under close supervision.
  4. I promise ta makes ma humanz let me use twitter & facebook more.
  5. I promise to do even more for shelter kitties & puppies dis year.
I fink five promises iz plenty dunt u? Mehbe we shoulds take bets on which one of ma resolushuns I do breaks first.


  1. OMC, Boris Kitty! You iz too funny! Our mom haz a resolooshun thing she made once, an it is da only one she effur kept,she sez. Dat is "reesolve to nefur make any more noo years resolooshuns!" MOL
    Dat way, no worries offur breakin' dem. MOL

    Don' worry bout resolooshuns.. we finks dat's jus a thing with da beans! You haf a furry happy mew year!

  2. dat last one i intends ta keeps

  3. i vote number 2 gets broken

  4. oh yeah and maybe number 3

  5. I say you brake nummer 3 furst then nummer 2.

  6. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Hummm...I'll say pouncin' on the sister cats, cause it's hard not to play rough sometimes. And those Lego people can be tempting too.

  7. Good luck with your resolutions, Boris! Happy New Year, my friend.

  8. Those sound like some good resolutions, Boris. Happy New Year to you and your whole family!

  9. Good luck Boris! We bet you break at least one for the week is out!

  10. Number 2 and 3 will be tough, but I think you can do it!! :)