Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hellmanns Mayo Tasty Test

We gotted dis starnge package in da mails 2day. When we opened it it had a tasty test for Hellman's Mayo (we gotted on der mailing list when human2 wroted to dem about all der Mayonnaise habbin poisonous SOY in dem...dey not care dat lots of people iz allergic to it like Human2).

Along wif da tastey test iz a contest online ta wins a year of groceries so we decided to takes da test (Humans wot r allergic still tried just a smidgen so az not to gets sicky.)

So we settled in n really tooks a gud looks at all our choices. We wuz supposed to see iffen we could tells da difference atween da regular mayo n da light mayo.

We did taste bof of dem mayonnaise packs.

We did choose pack A az da lite mayo (all three of us did choose dat one).

B iz da regular mayo. But unfortuantely we alone haz one fing to tells da folks at Hellmann's wot refuse ta makes soy-free mayo n dat iz dis...


Update: affer goin online to enter da contesty (hai dey alreddy haz our address so why not rite?) we did lerns we wuz wrong! How can dat be? Pack A wuz da real deal n Pack B wuz da lite. But wot do we nose. We use soy-free mayo made by Spectrum


  1. Haha! Thaks fur an intresting lesson and a smile!xoxo <3 parrisreddog (a.k.a. Lulu!)

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Condiment companies can be sneaky!!!

  3. you are a really good tester Boris. You did a good job for them. They should maybe put you on the payroll.

  4. I had no idea that mayo had soy in it! That seems weird. (I'm allergic to milk, so I have to drink soy milk instead!)

  5. Lexi-Lou (*nosetaps*) it iz made from Soy Oil which causes intestinal problems fur human2, but soy protein likes soy milk would kills herz dead affer a few sips! Nao u nose her krytonite dunt tellz no1 kai?

  6. We use the spectrum stuff too.....or if feeling adventurous make our own! Silly companies just don't get it :P.