Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Gotted a Box from

I had ma humanz order up sum toys for ma noo cuzin kittehs down south in NC. I thought I would inspekt da toys afore sending dem to Genghis and Giacomo. Human2 sez I can habs da box ta plays wif but not dem toys. Dat okai cause boxes it so much funs.

I luvs da papers wot comes in dem boxes from I haz ta dig & scratch & dig sum more. But all ma playin & diggin did gets ma sisfurs attenshuns. (See dat Bela sneakin up on me from behinds.)

Herz (Bela) LUVS (& i means LUVS) papers so herz comed over & sticked herz nose into ma business! Can u believes dat? Me either!

I did set herz straight rite kwik & told her DIS IZ MA BOX! Bela did backs off (mostly).

But Bela must have gone & told sisfur Abby der wuz a fun box out here, cause no sooner den I relaxed a little there herz wuz diggin in ma box & makin herself at home in ma box!

Abby gotted so comfy I thought I would just lets her hab it fur awhile. But dunt furgets it iz still mines!

Whiles ma backs wuz turned dat silly lil Bela did kwikly sneaks out & gets in ma box afore I could gib her wot fur! Since I hads skeered herz so afore herz did no stay in da box too long.

Picasso thought nao dat everybuddy hads been in da box it wuz all herz. So herz started diggin & scratchin likes crazy in dat box. I heards it out in da kitchen over ma crunchies I wuz eatin so I wented backs out to see wot wuz up...

I just could no believe wot I wuz seein. Everybuddy wuz takin advantages of ma goin out for nom noms. But seein az Picasso iz like a billion years old I did lets her stays in da box wif out pounin on herz.

Fank u for da wunnerful box & dem toys fur ma cuzin kittehs too ;)


  1. That is one pawsome box.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    that is a pawsome that you did share you box.

  3. The toys are nice but the box is SUPER!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Boy, a guy can't even has a box to call his own anymore. Feel for you buddy!

  5. We're sure your cuzin kitties are gonna love their new toys! What a great box too!

  6. I love, love, love getting boxes in the mails! I like the toys that come in 'em, though, too. You know what's super fun, Boris? Play with a toy, while sticking your head in the box!

  7. I am glad you did not pounce on Picasso and squish her very old bones. The box must be made of catnip, all you kitties were diving in and out of there!

    Madi and Abi