Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovin' My Undercover Mouse Cat Toy

I just love the undercover mouse cat toy that my humans got me. I was very interested in it from the beginning when Human2 was putting it together for me. She set it down on the floor in front of me and I just turned my head a little with a confused look on my face as if to say, "what am I supposed to do with that?"

Then she turned it on! My head went round and round following the "mouse" under the yellow cover. Then once I got brave enough I pounced! I got it, but it gots away from me. So I took another leap and my front legs went under the cover too. I tried hard to gets that "mouse", but it always got away. There were times when I was able to get it and chews on it a bit (note: tell humans to by extra wands for this fun, fun toy).

I have had the undercover mouse automatic cat toy for a little while and I does not appear to br losing interest in it at all. In fact, I sits in front of the table the humans set it on and pest to have it down and turned on. That first night I played with it for over 2.5 hours! (That is a record for me!)

For me this is so much better than the regular Panic Mouse (but my sisters like the regular one, which is good because I will not let the other kitties play with this new one!) I give this toy two paws up!

Here are some video clips from my first time meeting this new toy:

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  1. Oh what an interesting toy. Thanks for introducing it. You look very cute trying to stop that revolving mousie!

  2. Dis is my new favoritest toy. Used to be the flingamastring that I would pest to have turned on. Now I sit and stare at the undercover mouse until human staffpurrson turns it on for me. I can play with it for hours (and I don't usually do that with anything, 'cept sleeping).