Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kitty CSI: Case of the Dead Doggy Toy

The crime: killing of the doggy toy.

Toy in question: 12" Flea with squeaker inside.

Motive: gots to get the stuffing and squeaker out of the toy.

Suspect: Harriet the dog.

Evidence: photos, forensics, body of the flea dog toy, stuffing all over the house and a missing squeaker.

Witnesses: dinner guests at the residence in question at the time of the crime.

Investigators: Nacho and Duffy kittehs in charge.

See for yourself how things unfold...

Harriet the Dog pictured here with Mr. Flea (our victim).

Officer Nacho was distracted by a cool Kitty Hoots Garden mitt (boy did he have fun).

The suspect and the victim appearing to be getting along.

The crime in progress.
Our victim was dead within in minutes of this photo being taken.

Our victim, Mr. Flea and the removed bits in question.

Harriet is not helping her case one bit here.

Officer Duffy of Kitty CSI taking control of the crime scene.

Harriet tries, unsuccessfully, to destroy the remaining evidence against her.

With the overwhelming evidence against her, Harriet was tried and convicted of first degree dog toy murder. During the trial additional bodies were discovered and further evidence of a serial killer in the making was presented. She was sentence to life under house arrest. Officer Nacho was allowed to continue to play with his toys. Officer Duffy was promoted to head of Kitty CSI. Case closed. (Side note: murderous kittehs can enjoy a Mr. Flea of their own too.)

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