Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gearing Up For SCIFIpawty 2011

We are gearin up for SCIFIpawty wot iz sneaking up on us real fast! SCIFIpawty iz bein merged wif da official PawPawty dis year so instead of our lil one day pawty it iz now 24 hours of sci-fi fun!!!

But dat means we needs more halp den ever afore. Please consider volunteering for Sekurity, DJing, Barktending or Quizzes. We also still need sum prizes (although we haz a ton of really great ones) -- we need to make dis pawty ROCK da universe!

Speaking of ROCKIN da universe. Did you guys knows dat Jane Wiedlin from da Go-Go's is an anipal lover just likes our humanz? And did you knows dat herz iz also a fan of science fiction? Herz wuz even in Star Trek (u knows Human2 be a big ole Trekkie). And did you knows Jane Wiedlin writed and stars in a comic book called Lady Robotika?

Well wot you might not knows iz herz donated sum wunnerful prizes to SCIFIpawty and we lub herz so much fur being so kind to us anipals. Herz sended us autographed copies of Lady Robitika and Go-Go's CD (wot iz signed by ALL da Go-Go's -- dis iz one pawsum prize & we so eggsited by it).

Iffen u wanna seed more great SCIFIpawty prizes just head over to da official SCIFIpawty Prizes/Sponsors page and check dem all out.

So puts March 26, 2011 on ur calendar and come hab an out of diz werld great time wif us at SCIFIpawty!


  1. My peeps cancelled their vacation plans so it looks like I can come afterall. I can barktend if you still need help or point me to whoever is scheduling it.

  2. Duss you still has the sekurity uniforms from the last scifipawty? That would save these old paws lots of sewing...

  3. Shawnee -- I doz hab dem red shirts round here sum where. I will seed where human2 did packs dem away at.

    Mario -- YAY!!!

  4. It's on my calendar and I'm ready to barktend. Now I just have to find a good costume. Do you think I'd look cute as Robby the Robot? Forbidden Planet is one of my favorite movies.

  5. Pumpkin I finks u will makes a great Robby da Robot (dat one of r fav films too!)