Monday, May 16, 2011

Virtual Petwork -- Network for Pets

Social Media is all da rage and anipals are ovah on facebook all da time, but when facebook finds us they delete us. Which makes us all sad. Ma pals Teeny and Tootsie came up wif a solution by hosting der very own social media site. VIRTUAL PETWORK (It a network for pets and der people.)

Some of ma favorite pals are over der. We needs more anipals to join us so we can makes it a really happenin place. In fact yours truly here haz to start spending more time over der making posts, joinin groups, chattin in forums...everyfing u do at facebook but no fear of bein deleted cause ur not a human. Even plushies are allowed. So please come join us at and seed ma handsum snoot az featured pet. Hurry before I iz gone. MOL Don't furgets to tell dem Boris Kitty sent u.


  1. Wish you the best of luck! Guess you won't be on Twitter as much, we'll miss seeing you.

  2. Thanks for the info Boris, I joined!

  3. I'm there, Boris! Big Hugs to Teeny, Toosie and their Mom and for you to highlight their hard work.