Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Haz Moved

Well not me rather ma bloggy. I haz moved it all over to BorisKitty.com

Everyfing wot wuz here iz now der and all new stuff will be only ovah der.

I hopes u will join me der.


  1. We are so technologically dumb. How do you move all your old posts and everything? I certainly wouldn't mind leaving Blogger.

  2. ma word press had a plugin to export da posts and da comments right into it.

    only fing it did not do wuz import da images frum picasa to ma new site. but I am still lookin fur a plugin to do dat at sum point too.

  3. Well done Boris, I wish I waz dat clevva.
    We'll see u over der den.
    WeK & @Isagold

  4. Nice blog, over second blog also wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium