Monday, March 30, 2009

I Iz Sponsored Cause I Iz So Popular

My fur-ends over at (@CatToyscom) said if I gets over 300 followers they would send presents. Not to me but to a lucky few of my many, many followers!

So all yous kittehs that are following me on twitter just have to pop by here and comment on this here blog post with your profile URL and any other comment you cares to leave. And you yous will all be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a tin of CatToids Mints (nom nom nom nom).

Sorry this is only open to USA kittehs (cause treats aren't always welcome in other countries) and cause they is shipping them out to your for frees! There will be three lucky winners. Winners will be posted here and I will tweet about them too.

I will be needing your emails (private DM will work so I can contact winners -- but we can work that out once we gets winners!).

Thanks for being me friends and following me (@BorisKitty) on Twitter!

You can also double yous chances by following @CatToyscom. Contests ends 4/10/2009



    Good luck with the contest.

    (I know my entry doesn't count --- it is just an example.)

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Boris, darling, I completely understand way you are so popular. You are the most handsome boy cat on FB....

  3. Oh this is faaaaabyoolous!! What a grate treet fur yer tweeting friends like us (@rosieandcheeto).

    We're gunna tell evaryone rite now!

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    You is quite the snappy dreesor, and thanks so much for invitingz us to yur blog and contest... @bubbba

  5. Boris, youze so cool to be sponsurd tanx for being sooo cool!

  6. yay, boris!!

    @kagerothecat <3's u...

  7. Anonymous11:40 PM

    usually I can't enter contests like this one becuz I am a CATnadian kitty and not an Amurrican kitty.

  8. You so sweet Boris to do this contest!



  9. Theo &amp; Tigsy12:44 AM

    Oh Hai Boris! Thanks fur having a contest! *nosetaps* -T&T

  10. Super cool! Congrats on reaching 300! Please enter my kitty, Chloe. She would enter herself but she is passed out in the closet after a hard day of lounging, cleaning herself and playing.

  11. What a great contest. I've never had those mints before, but they do sound yummy. Oh and congrats for going beyond 300 followers!



  12. I loves contests and me is even havings one right now. Purrs to you BorisKitty!

  13. I sure hope you win. My name is Erin & I don't have my own Twitter page yet but my Mom @CFitz is thinking of giving me one. I hope you'll follow me when I do. I'll be sure to let you know.

  14. Neato, Boris! ConCATs on all yore followers!

  15. Hai Boris Kitty, dis pretty cool of you to have contest! I already follows you and!

    *High paw*


    Hi, Boris Kitty! Thanks for doing this!

  17. AAWWWEEEE Boris,sniffnlicks to ya.. Katie is so sad, I jwust twanted to enter yer competition, but they won't let me caus I come from "THE LAND DOWN UNDER"& I am an AussieCat or
    Gud luk ta all the other Twits n Kits.......I still wuv ya Boris,even if ya got short hair........Have a scratchin time
    licks,pat n purrrrrrssss
    AussieKatieKat =^,,^=

  18. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Kool kontest. gud luks to all anipals! @bigFatLuckyCat

  19. Oh Boy, I luvs Boris and I luvs contests PURR PURR PURR PURR.

    Sweet Kittyrina was here

    Huggies and Nosetaps to all!

  20. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Boris, daring, I see you have 246 FB friends. You are close! Do you get presents!

    Signed, Sparky's human

  21. I will pick da winnerz todays!

    Good lucks to all my Twitterz Pals!